Restaurant 100KM

Being at the heart of extraordinary surroundings means that we can also take advantage of the excellent food sources from the clear lake and the gently rolling hills, but also from the fine mountains and the fertile plains.

This area allows us to offer our guests truly genuine ingredients from Lake Garda hinterland, within a range of a hundred kilometre.

This is the philosophy behind the 100km restaurant, which dedicates its passionate research so that you can enjoy the best of our land, season after season, giving you the chance to taste these exquisite flavours every day.


"Restaurant 100KM" is an insight by Fred Plotkin


  • Lunch 12 -18
  • Dinner 19-22

Nicola Forti, chef at the 100km restaurant, has designed an array of delicious creations for you, blending simplicity and sophistication in a surprising alchemy of taste sensations.

At lunch or dinner you will find traditional flavours, pleasantly put together in a sophisticated fashion.

Treat yourself to a satisfying gastronomical journey: The 100km restaurant prepares fresh bread for you every day, along with homemade preserves, hand-made pasta and many other delicacies for a wholly indulgent experience.